The King of Madness

There was a King who ruled a Kingdom called Madness

It was a place for joy not a place for sadness

There was one though who wouldn't follow his commands

She was a nasty witch who would ruin his plans

The King knew he'd have to deal with the witch

Since quite frankly he thought that she was a bitch

So the King put on his magnificent crown

It was gold and blue and red and brown

And he sat on his throne of chocolate and cheese

Then he ate a breakfast of porridge and peas

Into the hall stepped a knight armoured in grey

But he had no words, nothing to say

"Sir Knight you come in my hour of need"

The King shouted loudly as he sipped on some mead

"By my blood those in this Kingdom must serve

Now go give that witch what she deserves

I suppose you could just chop off her head

But here's some better ideas instead

Go into her drawers and mix up her socks

Or better still reorganise her socks

Then take a trip down to the post office

Find one of her letters and take the stamp off it

Tip some salt into her coffee

And then replace her vegetable stock with toffee

Steal her eggs until her chickens are clucking

And then you should give her a right good stern talking to"


The King was flamboyant, eccentric and loud

The knight though was silent

The King came up with more and more schemes

The knight though was silent

The King was desperate

The knight though, the knight was silent


The King took his crown off his head

He held it out for the knight to take

And as the smile drained from his face he said

"To defeat the Witch of Sanity

Perhaps you should just give her this"


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