How do I.......

How do I.....

How do I light a fire
In the pouring rain
How do I warm my heart
In the forest of icicles
How do I quell the demons
Hiding in the depth of my mind
How do I remain a human
In the absence of humanity
How do I .........


  • MendedFences27

    Many questions that we all think about during the course of a lifetime.
    Your poem highlights them and ends as it does for us all, without the needed answer. Much thought has been given to that search and still we continue to ask them. An intriguing poem. - Phil A.

    • Suresh

      An unending quest ...
      Thanks for visiting

    • Neville

      an age old conundrum and maybe for ever destined to remain unanswered ..
      indeed, some questions dont necessarily have an answer, or more to the point, a single universal answer...… glad ya asked tho...


      • Suresh

        A conundrum that's eating away at the soul.
        Always appreciate your insight.

      • dusk arising

        Ah but there's a fire within you. Just waiting for the right breeze to brighten the embers. It's out there!

        • Suresh

          Always a pleasure to hear from you, my friend. Long times a waiting.

        • Goldfinch60

          That humanity is within you Suresh and will come to the fore very shortly.


        • peto

          How do I... answer
          I can't
          Good read though

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