when life comes around

dusk arising



"That's how it is"
i say to myself
"That's how it is
when life
happens to you"

like in a roleplay
someone else's scene,
like a person
is telling you
"Your father died
this morning" or
"Your best friend
Steve's been killed
in Terrorist attack".

         But no, somebody
         is telling you
         you have cancer
         and your ears fail
         to hear the sentence.
         Somehow you're noticing
         The doctors clean
         white collar, safety tie
         and spectacles which
         really suit his face.
         Words drift in the air
         "refer you now
         to an oncologist"
         the nurse is looking
         at her feet
         No pictures on the walls
         "best possible outcome"
         and the doctor
         leaves the room.

The journey home
happens somehow.
Fleeting faces focus,
fruit sellers,
foul cigarette smell
and driving slowly
through a mist of
familiar places.
Arriving at life
happening to me.

        What goes around,
                     comes around.

  • Author: dusk arising (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 11th, 2020 01:11
  • Comment from author about the poem: Something i wrote last year but couldn't post at the time because i didn't want the reaction. Treatment finished in October and although they never give the all clear, they said the scans showed there was no trace of cancer at that time.
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  • Goldfinch60

    That life is back with you d a and may it be with you for a very long time.


    • dusk arising

      Yes, i'd like to hang around for a few more years thanks.

    • orchidee

      A sensitive write dusk.
      I won't go into 'why' - won't come up with any answers. I read a book of Christian Minister who had it. He departed this life after a year of trial with it. And not the only story I know either.

      • dusk arising

        Well we were brought up to hear the C word and think death. I recommend you to avoid it at all costs but if u think youve got it...get to doctors quickkly..... the sooner they catch it the better your chances.

      • Fay Slimm.

        Yes life ;has to be faced and coping with cancer must be the biggest of challenges - - the fact that that there is now no trace found deserves this outing of how it first felt D.A. - may the state of your present life keep on improving in leaps and bounds my dear friend.

        • dusk arising

          I saw my brother being negative about his cancer and it got him, he passed away. I was determined to be positive, pro-active, about my treatment .... they caught mine early though. But it has now been proven that a positive attitude actually boosts your immune system... and boy does your immune system take a hammering on chemotherapy..... yep, i want to live a bit longer and write more of my junk verses lol.

        • Neville

          the very first line of your poem today just about say's it all my friend...

          you have posted another poignant reminder of how we each live life in a state of balance and with a cloud never too far away … I am so glad you finally felt strong enough able to hit the send button my friend..

          Respect & All Good Things,


          • dusk arising

            Thanks Neville, like i said in the notes, i just didnt want to post this at the time i wrote it becuse i didnt want all that 'oh you poor thing' sympathy trip. But it's just how i saw it on the day really.

          • Poetic Dan

            That it does on this spinning rock from the sun!
            All the power in your words bring out the spirit to keep on enjoying every day as it comes!

            Thanks for playing your part and the gift that you are!
            May the rest of your journey be smooth sailing from now on..

            All the best

          • MaddieJ

            What a masterful write! I really appreciate what you're saying and can relate. I love your attitude reading all the other comments and replies from you. I hope that if this kind of news happens to me again, that I will take it like a champ like you. Inspiring, daunting, entertaining and real! Much obliged to read this.

          • Suresh

            Pleased to know that you have kicked the 'C' to the curb, for we wish to enjoy your company for a very long long time.

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