Human Wrath


Human Wrath

a dying planet.....
and now
a pandemic!



  • dusk arising

    Such negativity.

    The planet is changing not dying. Maybe mankind is dying but I for one am not ready to accept that. There is much we can do to save mankind from all sorts of threat. Though some elect buffoons into positions of power, there are also powerful non buffoons who hold them to judgement.

    • Suresh

      You are right, the planet is changing, while millions of species are dying or dead because of human actions, and regrettably we are working against our own as well.
      Thanks for visiting.

    • Neville

      unfortunately, nothing lasts for ever...

      it would be nice to think that the time left to us would be at the very least comfortable ..

    • Goldfinch60

      The planet is not dying, there are those in power who seem to want to make it die but there are many others who are making it stay aive, one day those idiots in power will get their comeuppance and all will be right with the world.


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