State of Affairs

Prophets for profits,

Villains and gold,

Whoever holds office,

Will live absolved.


Bankers and subsidy,

The testing relation,

Financial iniquity,

Debt and inflation.


Hypocrites and bigots,

Limelight allure,

Policy in rigour,

For all to deplore.


The media and press,

Their schemes I detest,

Preying on woe

And truthless digress.


Between these pawns,

Live but a few.

Their souls are forlorn

So it lives out of view.


Between these effects,

Amongst the grey mist.

Peace and harmony

In which WE exist.


  • dusk arising

    For a moment there i thought this was a piss take of the roman cathoilic church (or should we call it the roman catholic bank inc.)

    • Gavin

      Haha I'm sure all roads lead to Rome.

      The idea I'm getting at is we are all to busy working eachday and want to go back to family and friends and enjoy life, we shouldn't have to tread through the shit that's thrown on our path home.

      But the secret affairs behind closed doors have different ideas.

    • AwHec8

      Great Poem about a reflection of not only life lived out on this Earth now, but also a critique of those in power and or religious piety.

      • Gavin

        Thank you very much.

      • Goldfinch60

        So very true Gavin, may that peace and harmony in which many of us exist come to the fore to those in power.


        • Gavin


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