Poetic Dan

Bring it on

As an animal lover you may find this video disturbing, I was shocked but not surprised to hear her mentioning these experiments were done in the late 60s.


There are many reasons why I do this but at the core there is a part of me that knows I'm trying to break this pattern of "learnt helplessness" and why I'm always looking to help others as I was helped, just with their information and realities of change!


I "believe" I can not write well and can never get all of the grammar or punctuation, right!


In this video you would see that dogs and us go far back in time but yet we still use them to understand ourselves better. 


At any age (better when young) we can be conditioned and unconditioned, it's a fact! Although the idea that we and animals can not be rehabilitated and recover with a better understanding is the faults of only us 


Once all fears are faced and all triggers desensitised or erased, the only thing left is balance and harmony. 


It's not easy to break theses chains and often us or the animals can't enjoy the treats of life until we are out of the environment (including living beings) or out the other side of the muscle memory. 


I promise you this! There is another side, I know because someone showed me and I here giving it to you too. 


The only thing left is... When is now good for you? 



  • dusk arising

    The principles passed to us in your vid today apply to many things.

    Like being taught to fear god as a young child. Once instilled in you it's there for life unless you have good reason to reject it.
    Disgusting isn't it to think that children were indoctrinated with fear about what is supposed to be the god of love. Indoctrinated with a belief which might have been worthy of the same time thinking that the world was flat and you could fall off the edge. Pathetic, but we still allow it to happen.

    • Poetic Dan

      As you know I'm not a religious person but I was brought up with it in school.
      I can say one thing for just an energetic point of view, at least the spoke of dark and light...

      Right now I see people wanting no negativity and just positive.. Like training the mutts, we have professionals basically say the the mother of its own species doesn't know how to do her Job. As they will use both negative and positive reinforcements.

      I actually listen to some talk of Jesus in a way of not heard, it made alot of sense..

      He knew he was a being of the universe and you stood with that or you stood against him, in the greed of man!

      This still stands today! Your with all your ego and think we have a right to all this, or with the soul and see we are a part of this!

      Always appreciate you clearing my mind for me

      • dusk arising

        That's like you are saying one of those conditioned dogs is making the choice not to re-learn which i'm sure you would agree is nonesense.

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      • Accidental Poet

        Although personally, I can't stand to see animals suffer in any way, this video was informative. I even learned something about myself. Thank you

      • Goldfinch60

        In your life as I have known it on this site you have certainly started to come out of 'learned helplessness' and are finding a way forward that is good for you, that path you are now treading is leading youy to harmony in your life.

        Interesting vido Dan.
        You life is now becoming at peace within yourself.


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