THIS POEM ~ Was inspired by FAY yesterday with her Poem *Less Trodden*  The motive of her poem was to encourage us to write *Free Verse* instead of Poetry constrained by Rhyme & Rhythm & Reason i.e. freer in Form & Function. Angela & I are Performance Poets and it is Rhyme & Rhythm that makes Poetry recitable and easier to remember. So we prefer Poetry that has at least one of these characteristics !  Shakespeare  is easy to remember because it always has Rhythm and is IAMBIC !  In fact Fays Poem had good FORM - Four octains each with the same Rhythm  Long Line - Shorter Line - LL - SL - LL - SL - LL - SL !  It looks like a Poem and was easy to read & recite ! It also had a FUNCTION (see above). However it is this ability to embrace and execute non-conformity that makes FAY one of the Best & Most Popular POETS on this site !  Thanks FAY for being You ~ Love ~ ANGELA & BRIAN 💛💛💛


We often walk through our Woods ~ Night & Day !

Hand in hand or single file 

The same walk varies with the Seasons 

And differs in the Day & Night

The Wood is about 100 acre 

And there are streams and a big Lake 

The Lake is central ~ most paths  led to the  Lake !


As in Life their are *Paths less Trod*

Overgrown - narrow and leading nowhere 

Uninviting by Day and dangerous by Night !  

However when we ventured out at Night

Along some of the *Paths less Trod* 

We were rewarded to see and hear Owls

And see the Nocturnal Hedgehogs !

By Day Wild flowers and Fly Agaric

That had not been picked by Children !


In Life its easy to take the High Road

You*re first to reach the Lake & the Caff !

BUT you miss the quirky & unseen ~ Cos

On the way ~ You always look ahead

On Paths ~ normally not taken you STOP

To remove obstructions ~ and see

New plants - insects & animals & trees !

So in life you*ll meet new People

Have new experiences ~ new challenges



Thanks for visit comments welcome Angela & Brian 💛💛💛  






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  • Published: June 18th, 2020 02:31
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  • AwHec8

    Wow the poem sounds like an adventure in the life when we were children going off on our own for a weekend of fun with friends, brothers, sisters, camping and such things. Always amazed at the life all around even in deep dark places. Good write. Love it.

  • orchidee

    Good write A&B.
    Oohh, I best try walking naked in public then, as Dove comments. Woof! No, says Fido. lol.
    Well, I dunno, I tread some paths less in wet weather. Some paths through woods are impassable then - flooded! Any metaphor relating to your poem here?
    Fido won't get his paws wet. He's very fussy. Has his own welly boots. Only from John Lewis of course. No inferior stores! lol.

  • Fay Slimm.

    So pleased my verse inspired you dear Duo to write The Path Not Taken and sincerest thanks for the humbling complimentary tribute to my work here on M.P.S. Paths are ever a mystery with their curves and turnings which hide next adventures and you describe that most impressively re your woodland walks. Keep looking and finding all sorts of new and surprising delights from nature as you pass through then you will have even more about which to write. An engaging read.

  • Goldfinch60

    Always explore that path Path Less Trod, it can lead to wonder in life.


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