Kevin Michael Bloor

Poet's Lament

It’s senseless stuff I write; I know it!

(Don’t be so quick though to agree)

It seems I’ll no more be a poet;

some other course is set for me.


It’s for the youthful, starry creatures:

poetry’s sweet sacred song.

Poets past it, just like preachers

to the desk drawer they belong.


I never did pen for a living;

I have a day job; make that two!

If critics had been more forgiving,

if they had taken kinder view.


I’d rise today with birdsong singing,

reel off my rhymes, would not relent

to sound of critics’ church bells ringing

reminding me I should repent!


  • AwHec8

    Love it.

  • Accidental Poet

    To a poet, it makes perfect sense. You knocked it out of the park Kevin.

  • Kevin Michael Bloor

    Thanks, AP. Glad you can relate. I read your 'about you' info. It seems we're the same age. Also, you mention your first love. I started penning poems about my first love, Lorraine, after we reunited after a lifetime apart. So I suppose you can say that she's my muse. Again, thanks for taking the time. I'll check out some of your own poems.😉

  • Goldfinch60

    No need to repent Kevin your words do you more than justice to us all.


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