In the UK ~ in the past 60 years we have taken it for granted that we could fly anywhere in the World for an economy package holiday ! A week in Athens is as common for us as a week in Blackpool was for our Parents & Grandparents. Our American Friends got quite Jealous when we told them we could fly (for a weeks half-board) to any European Capital for about £250 ($330) ! In the 21st C the Whole World (at a Price !) was our OYSTER. Then came COVID 19 the Whole World was grounded and our Holiday Plans obliterated. Our Honeymoon in Spain was replaced by a week in Cambridge ~ just up the road from Essex ! But now the Air-lanes are opening up again and we*ve booked (provisionally) for SEVILLA in August ~ AMEN   


W ORLDWIDE TRAVEL ~ something took for granted !

A ll Continents for us ~ full acces has been

N ow this privilege has been supplanted

D are we go to places ~ we*ve not yet seen ? 

E verybody loves the frisson ~ getting

R eady @ the Airport ~ onto the Plane

L ovely feeling ~ through the cloudy ceiling !

U PSET ~ No Honeymoon in Spain !

S oon the Air-lanes will be open ~ For us

T o be Jetting Off on Holiday once again !  AMEN 


Thanks for visit comments welcome ~ Love Angela & Brian 💛💛  




  • orchidee

    Oohh, it's the Co-op for me (do they do holidays?!) and the over 50's trip to Bognor - or over 500's! Not with the W.I. though - they are too scary! lol.


      Thanks UNCLE STEVE @ Your advancead age you would be wise to stay in the UK ! Please consider CLACTON or SOUTHEND to improve our local economy. The COOP does do Holidays and you get the divi !
      In our FUSION (July 4th .............. !) there are only two slots left. Dont miss the chance to add a POEM ~ Thanks.

      Blessing & JOY & Marrow Bone for FIDO
      Spiritual Love ~ Brian & Angela 💛💛💛

      • orchidee

        Oohh, I want the Green shield stamps. Should have enough of them to pay for me hols soon!

      • Fay Slimm.

        The bustle of travel to those is so well versed in this readable acrostic - - - wishing you both a journey soon and an early - Bon Voyage. xx

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          Thanks for your response FAY - ANGELA HERE. In the 21st C - 2 or 3 Holidays (at least one abroad) per Year has become the norm for most - so lack of Holidays has been very frustrating and folk have even been unable to use there own vans. It is a big talking point @ work and lots have now booked for late Summer. Brian & I have booked for Sevilla (self catering) in August ! In my opinion (as a Medic !) we will be back to normal (treating COVID 19 as we now treat flu !) by SUMMER 2021 ! We must all continue to support each other - AMEN !

          BLESSINGS & Joy & Peace & Love
          Angela & Brian & Smokey Cat !
          Please ceck our FUSION (JULY 4th ......) Thanks !

        • Suresh

          what was will be again soon, the Love will make sure of that

          • ANGELA & BRIAN

            Good Evening SURESH ~ Thanks for the optimism in your Reply ! There is LOVE of PLACE (we all want to visit new Countries !) and LOVE of PEOPLE ! We want to visit Old friends & Relations and we want to please those we LOVE (Partners - Children & Grandchildren) by planning (& paying) holdys for them !

            Blessings & Peace & Love
            Angela & Brian 💛💛💛
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            There ar only two spaces left please add a POEM ~ THANKS !

          • Goldfinch60

            I have not been on a 'plane since the 1960's.


            • ANGELA & BRIAN

              ANGELA HERE - GOOD MORNING UNCLE ANDY - Interesting Comment ! We often say - when the flight is cancelled and we*re stuck at the Airport *Next Year CLACTON* ! Its a great place for a Holiay - Bracing - You know what You*re eating an most of the Natives speak English ! However if we want to go the the USA or OZ or Africa we dont have enough Holiday for Boat or BUS or Train etc. We have friends who dont or wont Fly and they are aficionados of the CRUISE. To each his own MODE of TRANSPORT - AMEN !

              Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
              Love Angela & Brian & Smokey !

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