Mascara Daze

Mascara Daze


Having recently introduced him

to navy mascara

The only exception she made to


Except for her lip gloss, on very rare

occasions, or when she went to town


She unconsciously bit down on her

bottom lip

And offered the very prettiest of

considered frowns

There she said, as an afterthought

And with one final upward sweep


Job done ..

Then leant across and kissed him

on the nose and cheek

There, that will have to do for now

She smiled, another masterpiece

Unsigned but framed and now complete


  • Fay Slimm.

    One of those jobs that need concentration is applying mascara - says she who has many a time had to wipe smudges from where they shoudn't be........... your last stanza aptly outlines the real reason for those "upward sweeps" mon ami........ masterpieces need concentration.

    • Neville

      and you have a whole portfolio of em.. thanks for being you...

    • orchidee

      Should I meet her?! lol.

      • Neville

        you can but try.. ask nicely and I will get her number :)

      • dusk arising

        to hang permanently in the halls of memory where the light of passing years will not fade the rich hue of recollection

        Another work of art in words upon which to lavish the colours of our will.

        • Neville

          bless you my friend..

        • Suresh

          another masterpiece, framed and complete,

          anything else would only diminish this

          • Neville

            what.. ya mean like lip gloss

            cheers my friend...

          • Goldfinch60

            That artwork was completed just for you and your words give it the wonder of beauty.


            • Neville

              she was very special Andy.. sadly no longer with us.. but her memory and many of the things we did live on .. thank you for the visit and your appreciation sir..


            • jarcher54

              Such a sweet capture of a fleeting moment... I had a lady friend who was a bit of an amateur watercolorist... after her death, her daughter let me select a painting from a few more or less cast off or less impressive works. I chose a still life that features, not roses or apples or a rustic copper kettle, but a few somewhat scattered items typically found on a lady's dressing table... a lipstick, a mirror, a comb, and some makeup and perfume jars and a mascara brush. I imagine her all done up to start her day (she was a professional in a mostly male field) leaving these ordinary things somewhat carelessly behind. Your little poem reminded me of how she must have smiled a quick smile of satisfaction stealing one last look at herself in the hallway mirror as she bustled out to her day.

              • Neville

                I can both see and feel you have a good eye for beauty my friend..

                Many thank you's for considering my little scribble here today and for leaving such a considered and encouraging review.. Your visit is most welcome, much appreciated and true..

                Please feel able to pop in any time.. In the meantime, I look forward to returning the favour...

                All Good Things,


              • FineB

                Hello Neville,

                A very superb write.

                Every woman has her beauty essential.

                I'm not a mascara person.

                I'm more of an eyeliner and eyeshadow lady with No7 face powder and blusher skilfully applied of course.

                Keep writing and safe during these challenging times.

                • Neville

                  and very nice too I imagine... thank you for checking in FineB muchly appreciated and true 💋

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