Jeremy Leach

Fun Boy

The most important thing for some is to show that they are never glum
To never be in a serious mood but to be full of fun and playing the fool
The eternal rebel at the back of class who never does what the teacher asks
The prankster at the back of the bus who mocks the person making a fuss


Every thing they do and say has to fit this mold day to day
For they fear the polarised world might rank them in something but the happy camp
They need to be in the popular gang, where people are cool and the fun boys hang
They need the likes and all the shares and laugh at those that actually care


Then something serious comes along, they feel bewildered and something's wrong
When the silliness wears suddenly thin, and their brainless waste is thrown in the bin
By the people who once laughed out loud, who now watch a serious, darkening cloud
The fun boys world has fallen apart exposing a core with an immature heart


And sadly it's late to have regret, to learn the lesson that many people get
That fun and thinking can coexist, that there's room for both laughter and seriousness
That it's ok in the middle ground, for that's where the genuine people are found
The people that get the true respect, and who live a rich life and smile the best



  • Goldfinch60

    So very true. laughter and seriousness do exist together but laughter will always win.

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