They, to whom life is dear,
fight for each n every breath,
They, who wish not to be here,
are destined to breathe every breath.


  • Goldfinch60

    May your breaths never fail so that your words can inspire us all.


    • Suresh

      I do believe you understand the depth of this. Thank you.


      Good JULY Suresh ~May you always be one of those who values and thanks His God each day for His LIFE ~ AMEN

      Blessings & Joy to You & Yours
      Love Angela & Brian 💛💛💛
      Please check *ANGELA MY WIFE* Thanks !

      • Suresh

        Thnx for visiting

      • orchidee

        I se this as the good and, dare I say it, the evil.
        Some Biblical writers ask the same things: 'Why do the good seem to die young, but the evil seem to live on longer?'
        A general principle though, not applying to all, or we may say 'I'm 100 next week; who you calling evil?!'

        • Suresh

          Before I call another evil, I look at myself and know it to be the most evil.
          Thnx for your jested insight

        • Accidental Poet

          So true Suresh.
          Breathe in, breathe out
          Without air we'll die no doubt

          • Suresh


          • dusk arising

            Not to be sniffed at. This piece has a certain air about it.

            • Suresh

              Clever your response indeed, my friend.
              Life on the other hand continues to play it's cruel game.

            • Neville

              understandably profound
              profoundly understandable
              a good shout my friend
              Oh' so bloomin true 10/10

              • Suresh

                A welcome mat for you forever

              • Bragee

                Such thought provoking writing In such few words.
                Put me in the frame of one mans trash being another man treasure.

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