She was delicious

Not the kind of

Subtle sweet

Like clotted cream

And oh’ my God

Strawberry jam


No not like that

That would be an


And far too easy

To describe

Even if spread thick

On Ma’s homemade

Scones or bread

Cut like bloomin

Door-step delicious

No nor like

Grandma’s gravy

Used to be

Yet far more tasty

Than any

Sunday roast

And then of course

There were

The undertones

That came with such

Exquisite aftertastes

Without doubt

More satisfying than

A Full English

Followed by

One of those

French cigarettes

And making love

Again but slower


That’s the kind of

Delicious I mean

Like I imagine

Ocean honey

Or even sky milk

Might taste

If of course they

Had a taste at all

But then

Work rang and

My whale sound

Ring tone

Roused me

From the taste of her

Now gone

Yes gone but not


Like I had somehow

So very easily


I was on call damnit ….   






  • Goldfinch60

    Being on call can interrupt the most wonderful of dreams.


    • Neville

      it does... thankfully I only agreed to go back for the duration of this bloody virus .. cheers Andy

    • Fay Slimm.

      A refreshing conception of tastes your pen makes here Nev and compares so well with that special aftertaste of slowly made love which once sampled deserves to be given a poetic tribute like this.... you are a master at written intrigue and very readable introspection.

      • Neville

        you do me proud dear lady and tho I bow to your better pen, I shall but plod and poem on....

        Neville x

      • orchidee

        Good write N. Another lass I should meet?!

        • Neville

          you sure are getting through em dont'cha .. I'm beginning to think you might be a greedy little guinea-pig :)

          • orchidee

            I can't get enough! Or am I not getting any? Any what? Woof! Fido won't let me go into that. I blame him, ya know! lol.

          • dusk arising

            Ah yes, Maltesers... I remember her well. Attracted by her curves accentuated by her dark box. That smoothness upon the tongue melting into sweet decay and finally her collapse upon my tongue..... ah yes.... such sweet memories you have evoked here.

            • Neville

              you aint done too bad yourself sir.. although you sure you aint referring to the black box flight recorder on a 747.. Maltesers have always come in a .. ah' gotcha.. almost too quick for me.. thanks DA..... Neville

            • Suresh

              Sounds like another "wet dream", and they are intense.
              Forgive my comment

              • Neville

                consider yourself forgiven.. oh' and well and truly thanked for checking in :)

              • Bragee

                I thoroughly enjoyed this piece.
                Instant favorite.
                When on call the call always come at a bad time!

                • Neville

                  it really does

                  thank you for understanding..


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