Your Country Say's it Needs You


Your Country Say's it Needs You


For as far as the eye could see

Khaki clad young lads lined up

Keen to swap their old flat caps

For new tin hats


Thats the way they were in them



Waved off or shooed from

Platforms steamy, cold and grey

From shiny front door steps and mats

Sent on their way…


With nowt but a kiss or a hug or a

Shoulder pat

By ma’s in their curlers, aprons and

Hand crochet shawls .. but then


That’s the way they were them days


Not to mention the dads with their

Braces, their boots and cravats,  

All short back n sides, moustaches

And this and their that’s…


That’s the way they were them days


Oh’ and let’s not forget all those

Back before Christmas son chats

Those belly laughs, the lighting of fags

And the nods and the winks…


That’s the way they were them days


Remember that stiff upper lip son

That duty calls, for king and for

Country you don’t have to have balls

It’ll all be over by Christmas, the fools


That’s the way it was them days





  • jarcher54

    New ironic meaning to the song "I'll be Home for Christmas"! Thanks for providing some sobering food for thought. For thinking people, the society's fawning over the military creates real challenges... how to be respectful of individuals and an organization designed to "protect" us and willing to take great risks... in a culture that is all too ready to use force to address international crises and in which way too many resources are used to support the military-industrial complex. You reminded me that we are still in them days.

    • Neville

      my goodness... thanking you for such a considered visit jarcher54....

      • jarcher54

        I really enjoyed your little tour de force with its cravats and curlers and stiff starched khaki! A little Rudyard Kipling but not as gung ho!

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      • Goldfinch60

        That's certainly the way it was in them days.

        "We will remember them".

        • Neville

          Aye GF60.. we can not afford to forget .. thanking you as always sir


        • Suresh

          That's the way it was in them those days, those days so far yet only a 100 years ago, that you have so poetically recalled.

          • Neville

            These words seemed to write themselves at the end of a long day toiling and reflecting on the futility of war ... am bombarding ya with a multitude of thanks as I say cheers my friend


          • orchidee

            Good write Neville.
            War is no laughing matter, but in my 'meanwhile' times - Ohh, I remember me call-up to the war - the Boer Wars, that is! I'm very old. lol.
            Yet true - in a church magazine, a colonel-type guy wrote of a not-too-distant relative from the Boer Wars. I never told ya more than a few of the congregation are aged about 90 or more, but that can't be helped. It's a mainly elderly group there.

            • Neville

              absolutely no laughing matter but do we learn.. not really.. and take my word, that is the way they were those days... i wonder how many would respond today if thee was another call to arms...

              Cheers Orchidee


            • Fay Slimm.

              Not so many years back the terrible carnage and captured so well the life often led by most who went willingly warward - "the way it was" then is perfectly versed - - - - a heart-tugging read if ever there was Nev................x

              • Neville

                Bless you Fay and kind wishes to thee this Thursday mane...

              • dusk arising

                We shall be saying this till we fade away and the glory of war will continue to eat society and leave its vengence trails.
                A fine post today Neville and i am tempted to recount my postings on this heartfelt subject. No doubt November will see a plethera of such but anytime is a good time to remember. But we learn too late in life to save so many good souls.

                • Neville

                  Thank you DA.. I am inclined to agree with you sir.. I sincerely hope we never forget .. and yes, I seem to recall some of your posts that were clearly similarly inspired and motivated...

                  I am seriously looking forward to returning to the Menin Gate again as soon travelling to France & Belgium is permitted.. I dunno if you have ever stood there when the Last Post ceremony is played , but I find it one of the most moving events ever... (and hopefully, always)...

                  Thank you for todays visit and true


                • FineB

                  Hi Neville,

                  A very good write.

                  As I read it. Lord Kitchener kept on popping up in my mind with the iconic poster.

                  Keep writing and safe during these challenging times.

                  • Neville

                    Ha.. I was trying to upload a modified version of that very same thing only yesterday

                    thanking you muchly FineB


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