Sweet baby Nico

I saw a baby bird in danger

So I rescued it from the alley cats that wanted it dead

I fed him and kept him warm in a nice comfy bed

I nurtured him and cared for him

I wanted him to grow and live his life free

But today I buried him instead

I tried to save him once more from the power of death

I gave him gentle cpr and gave him my tiny breaths

I cried so hard once again feeling helpless

And another piece of me bare

I shouted out loud, why?? Why??

It’s so so unfair!

I named him Nico this sweet baby bird

I said my goodbyes and told him I was sorry and I know that he had heard.

I failed once again

You just can’t win fighting death

I’ve lost every battle each time

Just for once I wanted victory to be mine!

Now I think about it

I fail at everything I do

Why doesn’t god just spare me all my heartache

And just take my life too.


  • peto

    You did not fail
    Far from it
    Your love and care are what that baby bird felt at the end
    You took the pain of failure, helplessness etc
    Nico took your love
    That is magical not failure

  • misskay

    Thank you peto 🙏🏻
    Lovely kind words ❤️

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