dusk arising

forever judas?



Well truly now we see
one mans racism and apathy.
His usual holier than thou stance
now seems so shallow, go take a glance.
He wont accept my comments,
            he's banned me from his page
So i post here instead
            too expose this false sage.
There are christians among us
            faithful and true
But this arrogant bigot
            is the devil among you.


  • Neville

    I get the impression this was crying out to be said... a fine post heard clearly....

    • dusk arising

      Thank you for your support in this Neville.

    • orchidee

      I can't comment much on this - but sorry you're banned from his page. I too thought something like this was coming, before I opened this poem to read it.
      Will a ton of bricks descend on MY head? Will you chuck them on me from a great height?! Eeek!

      • dusk arising

        No way would I chuck anything at you Orchidee. You are a fine chap and I wouldn't dream of it. Whereas you know that you and me differ in religious matters and I know i do throw some metaphorical spanners at you I have never seen from you any distasteful posts such as the one I comment upon here. And you always respond positively in good humour too.

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        GOOD EVENING *DA* ANGELA & BRIAN HERE ~ Thanks for posting Amazing Grace a very popular Hymn with a great Message. We recognise that MPS is a NEUTRAL / SECULAR site and those of us who do have a Faith must be careful to balance our postings and not abuse the opportunity to POST on a variety of SUBJECTS ! When we do enter into a dialogue with MEMBERS we do so graciously and end up amicably *Agreeing to Differ* We would never BLOCK a MEMBER and trust a MEMBER would never have reason to block us. The range of Ages - Gender - Nationalitiies - Faiths & Philosophies is the great Strength & Value of MPS. Our MANTRA is *In Honour Prefering one another !*

        Thanks for your Friendship on MPS
        Love Angela & Brian 💛💛💛

      • peto

        Say what you really mean dusk
        Gotta check this out
        Ta for the heads up

        • dusk arising

          Hope you found the message to be appropriate. Thanks for looking in and your comments sir.

        • PoeticBiscuit

          Well said Dusk, well said.

          • dusk arising

            Thank you for your support. The way one of the most important issues of today was treated as an irrelevance by this person, clearly unable to adhere to a christian attitude, was beyond the pale to me.

          • The Uneducated O.A.P

            Iv read his garbage, best to ignore him I think, f he can't take the comments don't write the stuff in the first place Agree entirely with your words dusk, and the accompanying comments.

            • dusk arising

              Thank you TUOAP for your support. Please read my replies to the comments my piece has received above. Beyond repeating myself my words would drift into expletives over his arrogant apathy.

            • Goldfinch60

              Totally agree with you d a, and with all the comments. He is just an ignorant person who only sees life in the way he wants it to be for him with no care for anybody else.


              • dusk arising

                It is refreshing to see that quite unsolicited there is much support for my post today. Please see the strange comment from Poetics below and my response. Be interested to have your thoughts.

                • Goldfinch60

                  Is poetics maybe the same man who wrote as foreverjesus6?

                • jarcher54

                  I don't know anyone on MPS personally. and am only slightly familiar with some of the community poets' personalities. I love commenting on the poems, maybe mostly instead of posting poems of my own, which I have so far not done. Dusk, I guess I am glad I missed the post of which you speak. I look forward to new poems by many of you, and to the often syrupy but supportive comments. Dusk, sorry you had the experience you did. I just wanted to say I am impressed by the way you regulars have stepped in to calm the waters and support each other.

                  • dusk arising

                    Thanks for stopping by and commenting and our subsequent other communicatons. Please see the comment made by Poetics below and my reply. Would apreciate your thoughts.

                  • Poetics

                    This is quite nasty actually, ganging up on him. Didn't know some members of the poetic side community were like this. The man has put his real name out there along with a picture of his child, he hasn't coward behind anonymity like some of us. That shows real character. I personally have not perceived any maliciousness in his previous posts other than how he sees things.

                    "And you above all people 'MICHAEL' should know better!".

                    This isn't poetic justice, this is poetic failure. We must do better...

                    I am ashamed to call my self a poet on here if this is how we behave.

                    • dusk arising

                      I observe from your profile page that you joined the poets site on 21st July last year and the poetry you have posted is the grand total of ZERO. Over that period you have read only 23 of the poems published on this site. Your integrity is suspect. Are you actually a poet or a bogus identity created by a dark personality who wishes to hide. As such you lack credibility and lead the intelligent reader to think your true identity is rather obvious.
                      The last line of your comment is quite illuminating... frankly YOU ARE NOT A POET ON HERE, you have never posted a poem. YOU ARE A THINLY VEILED FALSEHOOD.

                      • Poetics

                        You guy's are so predictable it's a joke. Anyways have a nice life...

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