Poetry, My Friend.

Oh poetry,

Where would I be?

If you had never found me.


Perhaps in hell,

Or a prison cell?

Maybe in the ground?


Always there when I needed you,

For terrors I was going through,

Your love for me is true.


You helped me see the light,

Through the darkest nights,

And beauty in everything alike.


You will  still be with me in the very end,

Poetry you are honestly my greatest friend.



    Angela here - Good afernoon *PB* thank you for your heartfelt *Eulogy to Poetry*. These are sentiments most of us on MPS can share. Brian (36) & I (32) have been married 3 months and live in SE England. We try to post most days. Please visit our site & Fusions. In these dys of LOCKDOWN sharing Poertry on a Site like MPS keeps us sane. We are both Scientists - I am a Physio and Brian is Head of Applied Science in a Adult Vocational College. Thanks for sharing.

    Love Joy & Peace
    Angela & Brian 💛💛

  • orchidee

    A fine write PB.

  • Neville

    I am absolutely sure you aint alone..

    mine too but dont tell the missus :)

    • PoeticBiscuit

      Your secret is safe with me!-

    • Accidental Poet

      Being that poetry is well over 1,000 years old, its gained quite a following of friends. And all of us here on MPS of our own little family of poets. I'm honored to be here among you and everyone else here on MPS. Great write here my friend.

      • PoeticBiscuit

        I was worried about sharing my poetry here at first but was quickly welcomed by kind words from even kinder people. I love the community we have here. Thanks for stopping by my friend.

        • Accidental Poet

          Not to worry PB. Everyone here loves to read and write poetry. I know what you mean though. I guess I was the same way the first time I posted a poem online. Out of 20 years of posting poetry in one site or another, I've only encountered a couple of Foul Mouth Trolls. Yes they're out there, but my advice is stand your ground and report them. I even wrote a poem in honor of them. Write on my friend. AP

        • jarcher54

          Funny it's so hard to explain why nothing is more human, more essential, more healing, more universal than poetry. Next time someone says they don't get poetry, I may refer them to you!

          • PoeticBiscuit

            Poetry opens up the most vulnerable parts of us a humans, and as you mentioned can be a great healing process for ourselves. Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you more often!

          • dusk arising

            Here here! How blessed we are to be gifted with our poetic trumpet.

          • Goldfinch60

            So very true PB, in my case though it is poetry and music.


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