Poetic Dan


Only you know what I need to know to help me grow


I've listen better with every morning & evening show


Theses ripples can't move & transform on their own


Each vibration is perfect for somebody to flow


A rhyme is a rhyme from deep within the soul


The only thing to do is enjoy and let it go



  • dusk arising

    I guess that's what they call "feeling the vibes man".

    • Poetic Dan

      I'm glad you felt them as I'm on a roll, just wish it didn't feel like a marathon to read and absorb words lol

      Always appreciated my friend

    • Accidental Poet

      I'm enjoying it Dan. Great write.

      • Poetic Dan

        Always appreciate the encouragement as we can all feel like a speck...

      • PoeticBiscuit

        Your ripple is reaching mine my friend, I think I’ve just found some inspiration to write. Thanks!

        • Poetic Dan

          When I read this yesterday and I'll admit it gave tingles down my spine, still hard to think inspired but yet that is my wish. To give back what people give, just like a poetic biscuit!

          I'm drop you my first read, with a fresh morning tea. All free style, in the gardens buzzing bees!

          Always appreciated my friend

        • Neville

          letting go aint always as easy as it sounds, is it... bet ya took gold tho...

          • Poetic Dan

            Ha ha, definitely not. I took it and ran, then dropped it again because I see I can go faster with Poetic friends!

            Cheers my man!
            Always appreciated

          • Goldfinch60

            Those ripples in your life are leading us all to a better place.


            • Poetic Dan

              In the past I would not of believe you but now I see better, we are all stuck under the same umbrella.

              Always appreciate your time good sir!

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