Guilty People.

Looking back on our lives

We can see all that we have done.

We see all the good,

The good we have done,

Have done to help others.

We see the bad things,

The bad things we have done,

And wish that we had not.

And then we see something else,

We see the good we could have done,

But we did nothing.

That makes us all guilty people,

Guilty of the good,

The good we didn’t do.


  • orchidee

    Yet it's included in a 'Formal Prayer': 'Forgive us - we have done those things we ought not to have done; and have left undone those things we ought to have done'.
    But not all the time - I feel an elderly congregation gets brow-beaten by the Minister. They have hell-fire and damnation type sermons every week - 'Repent, you miserable sinners!' 'Erm, we already have' is the reply.

  • orchidee

    What do you think? I feel that church needs maybe a Minster more of the congregation's age. Or at least, not so hellfire. Not that are wrapped in cotton wool, but supportive. One more passed away recently - it can't be helped. They often sing Happy (90th) birthday to one or the other there.

    • Goldfinch60

      Ministers vary so much as do people some are good some not so good, this must be accepted in our lives.



      Brian here ~ Good Thursday Uncle ANDY. Thank for a very soothing Vdeo ! I have a Cousin who is a Classical Cellist and her Sister a Classical Pianist. They always play for Family High Days and this is one of their duets ~ PERFECTION !
      Sins of Omission ~ A regret in everyones Life. *Leaving undone - that which we could have done - and ought to have done ! * Angel & I are young enough to take that to Heart. During LOCKDOWN I have been assiting Mum & Dad in the Garden ~ Cupranolling Shed & Fences and also My In-Laws ! Thanks for sharing VID & VERSE.

      Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
      Love Brian & Angela & Smokey !

      • Goldfinch60

        Thank you Brian, we all do what we can for others in our lives.


      • Joe Dawson

        A sound reminder, but you know, times past include when we were young, fancy free and somewhat devil-may-care, I suspect someone up there would see that and make allowances for the spirit of youth. It's so easy to condemn, forgiveness is what sets us apart. Joe

        • Goldfinch60

          In our youthful times we were gaining experience and hopefully moved onto the better people we become, but we must all experience the thought of not helping when we should have - that too is experience.


        • orchidee

          I never left me singing undone!

        • John Prophet

          Hi GF

          Yup, I’ve had those same revelations about myself. Seems as we age (68) we are better able at seeing our flaws. Can’t go back but hopefully such introspection will help us do better moving forward.
          Great write.


          • Goldfinch60

            Thank you John, yes I too am of that age (71) and I too hope that I have learned from the past to move forward in abetter way.


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