Leisa Niamh

The Magic of Marjorie

The magic of Marjorie was most magnificent and majestic

And Walter never tired

Of her effortless beauty, she bedazzled and bewitched

Self adornment not required


Her perfection was primitive and her piercing presence

Left Walter quite in amaze

Of her grandeur and gift to be humble and modest,

At such extravagant praise


Her smile made him sparkle so sincere and so sweet

And one could never doubt

The happiness he felt when she walked in a room

Was what love was surely about


And all through the years just the sound of her voice

So lyrical and warm it turned

His entire world upside down and his heart inside out

For it was beautiful Marjorie he yearned


And Walter knew he'd been touched by magic

And found comfort right 'til the end

In knowing that all the worldly treasures could never replace

Finding his soul mate in a friend



  • dusk arising

    A wonderful piece. Of rare inspiration.

    Those of us who are fortunate enough to draw near to a person whose experience of life on this planet is outside the realms of 'normality' are indeed blessed with an insight into an actual alternative reality. There is much to learn from this contact. Especially we enter a new realm of learning about ourselves from a previously inconceivable vector.

    • Leisa Niamh

      Thank you, and yes I am very fortunate to have met Walter.

    • Goldfinch60

      Super write Leisa, there are people in this world that can raise others from the sadness and torment in their lives, Marjorie is obviously one of those people.


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