I sleep, I scream and I repeat

circuits broken loose

veins numb

I open my eyes with light

only to fall beneath the four walls

I am nothing


People laugh and people walk

I am not

People smile and people run

I wish


So where is the genuity in my world

but all I see in the horizon is shadows


Who am I to choose my destiny

when all the borders are closed


Even when my closest has gone running

faraway with a smile with others


So who am I to pursue happiness

when darkness already pursue me


I am nothing

I am isolation

I am the solid truth


So if I had the power to change faith

it would only be the change

of making me have my last smile

over a drink


When I take my last sip

I hope my friend gives me relief

the sweet hope of euthanasia


So I can finally overcome the burning ache

I see the ocean in my cup for one last time


because this is my reality

a empty cup.


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