Kevin Michael Bloor

Love Story

When I was young , weighed down with care,

I met a girl with golden hair;

she did not drink or smoke or swear;

she was a nurse, a dental.

All so-called beauties she’d eclipse,

a gorgeous girl with hourglass hips;

she spoke through lovely, pouting lips

with voice so soft and gentle.


We were in love, in love so deep;

I dreamed about her in my sleep.

She swore she’d stay (though talk is cheap)

within my arms forever.

But life moves on and tides they turn

and bridges built are meant to burn

and lovers cause a cruel concern

incensing swords to sever.


Yes, we had foes; all lovers do

and they despise a love that's true;

for daughters, dads would run ‘em through:

those blue-eyed, lovesick dreamers.

And that was me, a Romeo;

a thorn around their rose I’d grow;

their sympathy was all a show,

those sanctimonious schemers!


And time moved on, but we were blind,

like lovers , we were far too kind;

we wanted loveless souls to find

our paradise of pleasure.

But we were growing older too

and discontent, like weed, it grew,

we watched the first love we both knew

turn into tarnished treasure.


We grew apart; she wanted more

than lover boy, forever poor.

His bible bashing was a bore

for parents with ambition.

One winter’s day, she said goodbye.

There’d been no portent in the sky

to warn, no comet blazing by

to mark this cruel transition.


A lifetime, then, we lived apart

locked up inside each other’s heart.

Her name, to me, a poisoned dart;

I could not even utter.

Till on a dusty, darkened screen

an email, somehow, I’d not seen

before my eyes all unforeseen

on angel wings did flutter.


The rest’s historic, as they say;

we slighted love, so, we must pay:

each actor in this passion play!

There is no place for blaming.

We're married now; I’m pleased to say

the guilt and sorrow's passed away, 

and love we buried yesterday

once more is fiercely flaming!



  • Fay Slimm.

    A super read which brought me near tears - first of sadness then joy - - your Lorraine will surely treasure these well written words forever dear Kevin................ thanks for sharing.

    • Kevin Michael Bloor

      Thank you, Fay. I just wanted to put our love story into a brief little poem. I can't believe the feelings we felt for each other were still there after being apart for 30 years! Romantically, she had made her ex husband swear that if she was dying that he would fetch me! The film that has us in tears every time is that old black and white classic, Wuthering Heights. (it was special to us in the past, and more so today) Again, thanks for taking the time to read.

    • dusk arising

      A true romance if ever there was one. Sad how our immaturity can ruin such wonderful gifts life brings to us, for you both are truly exceptionally fortunate to have had the opportunity to resurrect a romance and consecrate it in marriage and family. No wonder many of your posts radiate the closeness of you two.

      Good, enjoyable read and all the more so because it is both true and a part of you, the writer's very being.

    • Goldfinch60

      That wonderful gift of love never ended and was there for you both, it just took a little while to come to fruition and now it is there forever.


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