Last Self Discovery

(1) Hello!

(1) Chris?

(2) It’s me!

(3) Don't you remember?

(5) Time has sure flown by

(8) Since we last had the chance to speak

(13) I know you got lost amongst all the stars and the trees

(21) But Child, stop, breath, take this moment to sit and talk with me, look down  at your reflection upon the sea..

(13) Tell me now, do you see the image you thought it would be?

(8) Yes, it is me, cuz I am you.

(5) And you've always been me

(2) Now go

(1) Live

(1) Free


  • dusk arising

    Grrr "and you are me" is only 4 words LOL

    Really good introspective piece. Reminds us to separate from the hustle and bustle and actually communicate with the real thing we are. I don't think many of us ever do this.
    Is it 'mindfulness' to do this?... questionable.

    Very enjoyable read

    (for you are a child of the universe with as much right to be here as the stars and the trees ...M Ehrmann misquoted)

    • Unsub

      Dusky you're very picky!! LOL!

      I started counting syllables before I realised it was a word count!


      • Lutalican

        I appreciate you pointing that one out. Made a correction to it.
        Yes it’s good to tune out the outside world from time to time and focus on the world within.

        Regarding mindfulness, I wrote this while in a meditative state staring at my reflection in a lake.

        Also the Desiderata was one of the first poetical works I can ever remember reading, that and works by Poe.

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      • Goldfinch60

        Looking back can show us how we thought we would be and then how we became. Good write.

        • Lutalican

          Thank you Goldfinch, sometimes looking back really helps put things into perspective. I appreciate your feedback.

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