scarlet poet

dear diary

Dear diary,

such a simple phrase. 
so easy to spill secrets to its entirety,

although hard to say aloud. 

dear diary,

the place that knows me best. 
the place I scratch down my worry. 
it knows my heartbreaks and heartaches. 

dear diary,

I'm here again, with a new mistake. 
you hold every single memory,

but I hope no one finds you. 

dear diary,

I messed up again, but I'm sure you knew that. 
thanks for being trustworthy,

keeping all my lows in the pages. 

dear diary,

thank you for the therapy,

you in all your glory and finery,

even though your leafs run low. 

dear diary,

we've hit it for the long run,

but pencil smudges make it blurry. 
I should've used pen, but my time has come. 

it's too late. 


  • dusk arising

    Poetry will do more for you than your diary..... any day.

    • scarlet poet

      I completely agree! Writing can really help me get my feelings out and feel a lot better all the time. Thank you for reading!

    • Evergreen

      Loved this!

    • Audax

      I can totally relate with the feeling of not having someone to really confide in, either because we are misunderstood or people might take advantage of our vulnerability. Trust is something that cannot be easily pases around, and it must be maintained consistently like training everyday for a marathon or a competition (if you get what I am saying). Writing is a good exercise to vent out how you feel and purge yourself from any deep seated that are aching you from the inside. A lot of people will greatly appreciate what you wrote here, a piece that illustrates the mindset of an individual who feels lonely in the world and has no one to talk to. I love how you use words to rhyme with “diary” in each of your stanzas, as well as using those to give character or value to the diary itself. Truly remarkable and creative! Thank you for sharing your words, and this poem reminded me of this song: “Young Diaries” by ILIA. You should listen to it in YouTube and pay close attention to the lyrics; it’s amazing!

    • scarlet poet

      Thank you for sharing. I’m really glad you were able to understand the concept of this writing. Such an amazing thing knowing that there is always something to make you feel better, even if you don’t have someone close. Thank you for sharing! I appreciate all the comments and support you give!

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