dusk arising

Johann Sebastion Woof



i have to say its a worry
how Orchi posts hymns in a flurry
but of course he has help
with a whine and a yelp
from his four legged friend so furry

pinching lead from his old church roof
i realised i'd finally got proof
for though he looked awkward
sat there at the keyboard
a dog was composing woof woof

amazingly dextorous paws
were playing melodious chords
a growl and a whine
and strict tempo time
every lyrical venture explored

Well finally the author's unmasked
now undoubtedly up to the task
doggedly determined
Fido's been learnin
his hymn writing skill's unsurpassed

So there's never a cough or a splutter
Orchi's lyrics flow on without clutter
between lines of his hymns
hides his darkest of sins
for dog trainings been his bread and butter

All rise as now enters the vicar
orchi hides his dog all the quicker
"Ah youve wrote me a hymn"
Orchidee starts to grin
"I can write you two more for ten knicker"


  • Goldfinch60

    Fido was there at the battle
    Where armour and swords they did rattle
    He barked to warn Orchi
    Not to point to the sky
    So Harold did then lose the battle.

    • dusk arising

      I can imagine as battle did rage
      orchi wrote it all up like a sage
      a clever old caper
      on one sheet of paper
      till fido ran off with that page

      so harold copd for one in his eye
      what a relief for him, burst his sty
      but he was deceased
      and william, the beast
      conquered england next day, how sly.

    • orchidee

      Oh lol, good write dusk - and comments on The Adventures of Fido and I. It'll cost 'em - 'the cheque's in the post', they say to me!

      • Unsub


        didn't I have a poem about the adventures of your guinea pigs once? Can't find it at the moment.


        • orchidee

          Somewhere, yes, but you may have to sing some hymns to find it! Choir practice, anyone?!

        • Dove

          It’s a woof life, but someone has to write or they be barking up the wrong tree

        • The Uneducated O.A.P

          A good tail, lol

        • Unsub


          totally barking!

          I await your first hymn with baited-dog breath.


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