TOMMY - A Tribute

Traumatised by a childhood event,

He saw his father killed by his mother's lover,

Struck deaf, dumb and blind through this,

Healers and psychologists tried to cure him with his mother's money spent.

Bullied by Cousin Kevin and a victim of sadistic Uncle Ernie,

Life for Tommy was hopeless and a bottomless pit,

He discovered his genius talent for the pinball machine,

The Pinball king and wizard, everywhere he went, a celebrated hit.

Tommy became a millionaire,

His family and life blessed by his success,

Spiritually though he was at a loss,

A new awakening arose in Tommy through this material excess.

From Pinball wizard to new Messiah like God,

Tommy's devotees worshipped him at his feet,

Spiritual rivalry stirred up inside of them,

Their mission to take leadership and control from Tommy bringing about his defeat.

Violence and bloodshed erupted,

Tommy's mother and father were sadly slain,

Within this spiritual prison Tommy broke free,

Never would his life ever be the same.

Tommy, recovered and overcame the past,

Free to live a life of peace,

No longer the deaf, dumb, blind boy of old,

He revelled in the hope of his new life now and the blessings it bestowed upon him in its release.










  • orchidee

    Good write - though I too am not familiar with Tommy.

  • FineB

    Hi Orchidee

    Many thanks.

    It's hot 🔥 all round I must enjoy the good weather and get out.

    Keep writing ✍ and safe during these challenging times.

  • Goldfinch60

    Fine tribute FB to a great film.


    • FineB

      Hello Andy,

      Many thanks.

      A great film absolutely

      Keep writing ✍ and safe during these challenging times

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