2020 HAS BEEN ~ A very strange YEAR. To us it seemed like a Good Omen 20:20 everything in perfect equilibrium ! A Good Year to get Married ~ buy our First Home & welcome our first CAT ~ SMOKEY !  YES we did all those things ~ BUT ~ not as planned !  *The best laid plans o* Cats & Men gang oft agley*. Like Millions of others across the Globe ~ Elaborate & Costly Plans for Weddings - Special Birthdays & Wedding Aniversaries ~ The TOKIO OLYMPICS  & even OBBERAMAGAU 2020 were swept aside by WHAT ?  WW3 - Armageddon - Global Weather Devastation ect. ect. NO NO NO !  It was a simple Virus COVID 19 ~ too small to see but  much too big to ignore ! Originating in WUHAN China in December 2019 and quickly becoming a PANDEMIC ! COVID 19 had one simple aim to stop HUMANITY from BREATHING and to date 650,000 have died about 6,000 a day & millions more are affected. We are working on a VACCINE ~ BUT ~ the end is not in SIGHT YET !  LOVE TO ALL ~ Angela - Brian & Smokey  💛💛💛


JANUARY ~ MONTH for Anticipation &  for the Future Prayer

Gloom & Doom for 2020 ~ Perhaps for 2021 ~ some HOPE is there ?

FEBRUARY ~ MONTH of Forgiveness ~ BUT ~ Love doth pine

Love @ a Distance ~ You in Your small corner & I in mine !

MARCH ~ A Spiritual MONTH ~ A time of Renewal & Spring

& Prayer ! Flowers are unaffected (see VIDEO) ~ Natures Zing !

APRIL ~ A MONTH of showers for MAY Flowers. More PRAYER

for cleansing from COVID 19 ! From - Masks & Lockdown & Fear.

MAY ~ MONTH of shared Compassion for Everyone it trends ! 

In a PANDEMIC - Thank GOD for NHS - Family & Friends !

JUNE ~ MONTH of Optimism with the arrival of Summer !

Infection rate is slowing Shops & Social Venue slowly comer ! 

JULY ~ Summer MONTH half of 2020 now passed by ~ disgrace

Still MASQUERADING but us Young Ones ~ want more Space !

AUGUST ~ MONTH ~ Come she must ~  between SUMMER thrill

AUTUMN chill ~ FA Cup Final Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1 Spectators  NIL 

SEPTEMBER ~ MONTH of such Perfection ~ Harvest Time Parades !

Beginning of the Fall ~ Fruit Cornucopia ~ Kaleidoscope of Shades !

OCTOBER ~ MONTH of Karma ~ When will it all be OBER ???

COVID NINETEEN ? Much more scary ~ than any HALLOWEEN !

NOVEMBER ~ MONTH of Thanksgiving Pies  &  Burning Guys

But please remember ~ what has COVID left us ? A Glowing Ember !


Unto us a CHILD is BORN ~ JESUS ! Will He rid us of COVID 19 ?


Thanks for visit comments welcome Love 💛 Angela 💛 Brian 



  • jarcher54

    Yikes... thinking of Halloween and Covid-19... Will the grim reaper be this year's most terrifying costume? Christmas cannot come soon enough. I am not religious, but please tell the Big Guy for me that a miracle right about now would go a long way toward making me reconsider. Just found out my best friend just lost her closest aunt and uncle, healthy and vivacious young grandparents, a couple days apart due to nasty virulent cases of Covid. Thanks for an interesting calendar look at 2020.


      Thanks FRIEND for an interesting & objective comment ~ pleased You enjoyed the COVID Calender. As an Enviromnetal Scientist I (Brian ) would see COVID 19 (like Global Warming) as a Man-made Pandemic due to lack of hygeine in a Fresh Meat Market or mutating CORONAVIRUSES in a Lab. God gave Mankind (as a super-intelligent Animal) responsibilty for the Environment but since the Industrial Revolution Mankind has taken its eye off the Ecological Ball & (Like Trump & Other G8 Leaders) has focussed on the Economy. God is of course aware of all this ~ BUT ~ He has given Man Free Will to get on with the Job & (so far) is NOT intervening !

      Love - Peace - Joy to You & Yours
      Brian - Angela - Smokey 💛💛💛

    • ForeverJesus6

      I can really appreciate the timeline of this piece. When this C-19 thing started, it reminded me of one of my favorite movies of all time... 'Outbreak', with Dustin Hoffman and Renea Ruso.

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        GOOD MORNING DION ~ BRIAN HERE ~ Thanks for your comment ~ Any Film with Dustin is a GEM . EWhen the dust has settled I hope C 19 will spawn many films and SF Books !

        Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
        Love Brian - Angela - Smokey !

      • orchidee

        But we is still in 2020. 'This is the year that is'.
        Aww, you left me out - Mankind: super-intelligent being! Well, leave Trump out too. That's not an intelligent barnet to have!
        I get, maybe too much, news from animal charities. It's horrific what man is doing to animals, China as one country - the start of the virus? Many also help in animal care though.

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          Bbut the RIAN HERE ~ GOOD MONDAY UNCLE STEVE ! Yes indeed 2020 is not over yet but the famous BRITISH RETORT ~ *It*ll all be over by Christmas * wont wash here. As with gobal warming we are reaping what we have sown. GOD of course is very aware of the suffering & angst ~but is leaving it up to Mankind to sort out His own Mess. God is a supreme BIOCHEMIST and has given us the ability to reate a VACCINE by 2021 !
          Animals do deserve more TLC ~ perhaps FIDO & SMOKEY get more than enough !

          Blessings Peace & Joy to You & Fab Fido
          Love Brian - Angela & Smokey Cat 💛💛💛

          • orchidee

            The unforgivable sin? Mentioning Ch.... before November at the earliest?! lol.

          • Fay Slimm.

            A very telling calendar - and yes a very strange year indeed. Really enjoyed the comforting images with the video your chose - - thanks dear Duo.

            • ANGELA & BRIAN

              BRIAN HERE (Angela @ Work) ~ God Morning Fay great to have you back. For those of us too Young to have been alive in WW2 this is the strangest Year. I empathise with BORIS ~ what a Year to get His Dream JOB.
              I could have chosen lots of VIDEOS but I wanted to emphasise that the Plant Kingdom which is now at its BEST is untouched by CORVID 19 and consequently brings us much Joy. Angelas Students gave her some lovely Blooms when they all passed their Practical Tests in Physio and the now adorn our new Home ~ AMEN. You say it best when you say it with Flowers !

              Love - Joy - Peace as always
              Brian - Angela - Smokey 💛💛💛

            • L. B. Mek

              what depths of insight you mined, so much truth here and far too sobering - familiar thoughts,
              brilliant scope demonstrated: neither too gloomy or unrealistically optimistic, a calm - reflective voice amongst a tidal wave: of tabloid fear mongering and incredulous self-serving ignorance, of a small but worryingly prevalent minority, in our society...
              another great write on Convid19!

              • ANGELA & BRIAN

                Thanks Friend for an encouraging Comment. C 19 is an apt & necessary topic for MPS and there have been some worthy ODES ! This is a collaborative Poem and Angela & I are both Scienists so we try to be both objective & topical ! Pleased you enjoyed it !

                Love - Peace & Joy
                Brian & Angela 💛💛

              • Michael Edwards

                A really sobering year - I feel so depressed thinking of all the lives it has affected - loss of family members, loss of livelihood - and with no end in sight in my lifetime.

                • ANGELA & BRIAN

                  BRIAN HERE ~ Thanks for your sentiments ! Its a subject to be taken seriosly ~ especially now as some Countries ~ like Spain are experiencing a second surge. Beacause of the ECONOMY Boris (like TRUMP) wants us all back in Work & Hes even paying half our Restaurant Bills (its less than £10 a head for a meal & a Latte in the Hungry Horse !) so it came to £18 for the two of us so we only paid £9 & a £2 tip for Josie ! Eating out is even Cheaper @ half the price ! Have you tried it Yet ? Or (like Van Gogh) do you Pay in Art ? No Posting today ~ look out for *LOVE OF THE HORSE* A 4235 Sonnet tommorow. We have also posted a FUSION on Holidays @ Home (UK). For her Poem ~ Dove just wrote *HAWAII* so all you need to write is *ESSEX* ! You can choose Southend ~ Clacton or Up-market Frinton *No picnicing on the Greensward !* Disposable Face Masks with the ESSEX LOGO (Three Fish Swords) are available @ £1 each ~ TEN for £7 ! A Collectors item !

                  Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
                  Love Brian - Angela & Smokey !

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