Don't watch the news their lies and propaganda are there to confuse detract you from your lifelong goals to keep you in your shell

A man made bubble of rules made by those who crave power over us they see as fools, sheep that follow the herd if and when we stand together that is when we empower humanity the many shall outweigh the few, will you depart from the herd and be heard or be the slaughtered lamb just another to them who

Chose to Inflict control on those who refuse to be awoken to the truth, value yourself and your life we are eternal beings manifesting reality in a lifetime that is a blip on the monstrous timescale of eternity yes you and me, we are here to learn and evolve as individuals not to be controlled or held back by them who control an authority, be your own seeker be your own self,


  • Goldfinch60

    Very true words - I could have written them myself.


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