Aa Harvey

Always I will love you.

Always I will love you.



Something inside me makes me remember you;

All that I thought I knew, I never knew.

Without you in my arms I’m still lost and blue.

I think I love you…no, I know I do.



Always I will love you, now and forever.

Always I will wish we could be together;

But if forever is too long for our love to last,

Know you were something special to me…more than just lust.



I’ve been dreaming about, you dreaming about me,

And in our dreams I see us smiling because our love is real.

Love is a dream that comes true for some, if it is their destiny,

But all the love I have to give you,

Is not enough to show you how I truly feel.



You are everything I wanted and the only woman I can see myself with.

If your love is as true as mine, then we can always be happy.

Always I will love you because you are all that I need.

If you feel the same way about me, then tell me

And I will give you my heart gladly.



(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.


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