i’ve come to realize

i've come to realized i can't just push aside my feelings.

i've come to realize that boys aren't there to make me feel better about myself.

i've come to realize that happiness will last if you want it to.

i've come to realize that my body is not someone else's toy.

i've come to realize that you only live once so go on ahead and live it the way YOU want.

you don't have to impress anyone with how you dress and most importantly you don't have to change yourself to "fit in"

there is no rule book so why are you following it? 


  • Goldfinch60

    Very true and wise words, may they be true for you throughout your life.

    • jackeggz

      i plan on it. thank you! :)

    • MendedFences27

      You are the standard others must meet, not the other way around.
      Before you can love anyone you must first love yourself.
      Every person on the planet is different. no two are the same, do not try to put them into categories.
      With more than two people in a room, they will agree on nothing.
      O.K. now I've said my piece. let me say something about your poem.
      You put forth a lot of self acquired wisdom in this poem. Hold on to that. Never let it go. The emotion you were feeling when you wrote this comes through in your words. That is a writers talent. So, keep writing. Try different subjects, different forms. play with words for fun. Above all keep writing. - Phil A.

      • jackeggz

        thank you so much. ❤️

      • Alan .S. Jeeves

        Good to see you posting again jackeggz. A clever little poem ~ I realize that.
        Ex animo, Alan

        • jackeggz

          thank you!!

        • Audax

          Follow your heart and carve your own path! Don’t live life based on what others thinks, but based on what you want to do and feel what’s best for you. As I heard before, you were not born to fit it, you were born to stand out! Your words evoke so wisdom and emotion for so a lot of people who feel lost or are confused, which will provide them with a sense of peace and solace. I found your work to be truly cathartic! Thank you for sharing, and I’ll make sure to favorite this poem!

          Please check out some or all of my poems. I would greatly appreciate it!

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