Aa Harvey

Back in the fight.

Back in the fight.



Once you have tasted Heaven, can Earth ever satisfy you?

Or shall you forever be searching, for your paradise?

Surely after the sweetest nectar, has been found and lost by you,

You have no God given right, to once again that nectar taste.



One Love; that’s what Bob Marley said.

One lifetime it will surely take, to mourn loves death,

But surely with just a single, sure-footed step,

Love will be able, to breathe again.



So I shall once again try, to give birth to this whole love notion.

I will open myself fully, to this heartache called devotion,

For I can no longer stand to weep, without a comforting shoulder.

Maybe I have found enough strength, to fight for a new lover.



To find a new mother, for my unborn child.

To find a new wife, to show off with pride.

To wash away, the tears I have cried.

To either rest in peace forever,

Or with a little luck, once again feel alive.



(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

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