Aa Harvey

Biblical blues

Biblical Blues



Jesus Christ!  Are you my wife?

Or are you a single woman?

Surely you’re meant to be at my side,

Not off in search of another?



We used to hold each other’s hands, with such pride.

Now I wonder:  Do you even like me?

Are you Peter, or are you Judas the liar?

Would you deny my existence for your own benefit?



Or would you trade me in for 5 silver coins?

A new handbag, or a box of jewels.

Or would you say, with joy in your words,

I’m sorry but I’m married, so goodbye Sir.



Do you remember the wine I gave you, for our first anniversary?

I sacrificed my own simple pleasures, so I could save enough money

And buy you the finest things I could afford.

All I could give you, still didn’t seem enough.



So here I hang on my cross awaiting my death.

I’d tell you I still love you, but I’d be wasting my breath.

My sacrifice, my God damn life!

Given up for you, the faithless type.



So goodbye now, I’m off to see God.

My father, my creator, my judge, my condemner.

The one to blame, for all I’ve had and lost.

The one who has punished me forever and ever.



(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

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