Aa Harvey

I worship at your altar.

I worship at your altar.



I worship at your altar my love,

For you are truly wonderful.

Phenomenal does not even catch your vapour.

Too quick to fall in love with you is the true believer.



But Goddesses are there to be worshipped

And I kneel before you my Queen,

For I am forever enslaved by a dream of your kiss

And shall bear your symbol, through thick and through thin.



Through anything I would carry you,

If my aid you should ever need.

Just think of me and never be alone or blue,

For I shall always be your faithful steed.



The one you can depend upon, to be there automatically.

I would sense that you were not ok

And I would try to make you happy.

I would never let you feel alone, for I am always with you.

If you ever need anything at all, then I shall fetch it for you.



I humbly beg for your touch at night.

In my bed beside me sleeps an angel.

I would simply roll over and hold you tight

And never let you come near any danger.



I shall protect you until the end,

Be you wife or nothing or my best friend.

Whichever you wish, anything you can have,

I shall always be here for you; I wish you to never feel sad.



Unless we are watching a romantic movie together.

I love them like I could love you; let us be together forever.

One long ride through life, with you at my side.

Our family forever, even after I die.



I shall always protect you in any way I can

And I would lay down my life to protect your children.

I believe with you I could become a great Dad,

But I don’t even know how you feel about me, my chosen.



My light in the dark, the devourer of my heart (it is yours),

Forever; all I ask for is your love…evermore.



(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.



  • FineB

    Hi Harvey,

    What can I say!

    A beautiful write and tribute to love ❤

    Keep writing and safe during these challenging times.

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