Aa Harvey

People these days

People these days.



People these days, their words don’t mean a thing

And that will never change,

Because they will always put themselves first.

Self-gratification, no matter what the price.



Beautiful people?  Not on the inside.

Only ugly to look at, are the ones in which you should confide,

Because vanity and self-interest,

Mean no-one can be your confidant.



Everything is for sale!  In fact we’re giving it away!

Gossip amongst friends, is today’s cheapest sale.

They told me not to tell, but I can’t keep this a secret.

When I tell you two this, you’re never going to believe it!



Well why would we want to tell anyone something so juicy?

Ok, but if they ask, you never heard it from me.

Hey, you’ll never believe what I just heard.

Yeah and she said that.  She heard it from her.



(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.


  • Audax

    I totally agree. People have a tendency to go back on their word and act out selfishly, even though those actions could negatively affect those closest to them. It’s worse when you express vulnerability and people take advantage of that. Thank you for sharing your words that provide a glimmer of truth!

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