Beautiful Contradictions

Beautiful Contradictions


Good morning Kitten

I had not noticed the

quietness of me lately

But then, I have been

very busy

making noises on my own

While you my love

it seems remain a series

of beautiful contradictions ..




  • Fay Slimm.

    Never knew contradictions could be termed beautiful but that's what love sees when waking to an adored kitten - -- a warm sense of caring makes this read very special mon ami............x

    • Neville

      .... that'll do nicely our Fay ... very nicely indeed ...
      ... Neville

    • Audax

      Hey, that title is so unique that it brought me here! To be honest, it inspired me for a future poem to write, after reading what you wrote!

      • Neville

        ... thank you Audax & good luck with your proposed new poem ... remember tho whilst close is fine .. anything closer could well be plagiarism ... 😀

      • L. B. Mek

        I really like this style/form of delivery you've used lately,
        engaging, thought provoking but never demanding, as always subtly nudging your readers to a more contemplative state

        • Neville

          .... Thank you L.B my friend .... and as always, much appreciated ..

        • dusk arising

          Over the last coupe of days the mere mention of a cat/kitten has brought a wide grin to me due to a comment Goldfinch made calling cats "arrogant little creatures".

          Your kitten though one supposes to be entirely of a more sleek variety..... like poetry themselves they hold you and take your imagination into their game. As did you, here, today.

          • Neville

            ..... tis an endearing little pet name isn't it DA .. and I thank you for noticing ... the trick is .. ya gotta call em all the same .. including the missus ..

            ............ that was a joke by the way Jane .. just in case ya ever have a sniff around these here parts again xx

          • orchidee

            Morning Puss! lol. A fine write Neville.

            • Neville

              if you got morning puss Orchidee .. you need to get ya self looked at sharpish, otherwise it could drop off ...... :)

            • Goldfinch60

              May those beautiful contradictions within her keep you forever enamoured by her.


              • Neville

                ... Now wouldn't that be something .. cheers GF50 sir ...

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