20/20 vision in the year of division
Mankind polarised by fear, stand
Aside no longer allowed to be near
Division is how they rule, schooled to
Be sheep, wear your mussel be quite
And conform follow the swarm do your
Duty as a responsible citizen this is a
Global pandemic but more die from the
Flu, but don't heed the statistics our nation
Needs you to agree without question our
Best interests are you, while we collapse the
Global economy to reinvent debt because
Then we own you so that the one percent
Profit once again, fear is control belief in it
Will consume you whole body and soul

Truth is a difficult thing to find it hides within

the shadows of the lies, this in 

Passing shall define our generation so what 

Shall it be who will we be the many outweigh

the few it's on our shoulders
Everyone everywhere me and you.



  • Unsub


    absolutely spot on with your observation & delivery of this epic piece of truth!

    We must be on the same wavelength as I just posted a similar theme but not as direct as yours.

    As always perfectly weighted & structured.


    • ZIGGY

      Hey there my friend I always love to get your slant on my poetry, I seem to be stuck on this topic for obvious reasons thanks again for the like going to read your post now

    • Laura


      Your poignant words of frustration and rancor are on target 🎯 . You’ve expressed what most of us feel. Many who have medical issues, other than this Coronavirus, feel helpless. Your writing reminds me of my grandmother’s recount of WW I & WW II. They were helpless against those in power. They’d either follow orders or be killed. I feel we’re in a similar situation...
      disheartening to say the least!

      An excellent write.
      Thank you for sharing.


      • ZIGGY

        Laura hello once again thank you for the comment much appreciated, yes it must be very difficult for anyone with medical issues at the moment, like I said the many outweigh the few its time for humanity to stand together as one and unite as one like never before or else, god help us all, kind regards

      • Goldfinch60

        Such true words Ziggy, we are all being pulled into the mire that the 'so called' leaders of the world are pulling us into so that they can get more out of it for themselves.


        • ZIGGY

          Hi there nice to hear from you, many thanks for the comment much appreciated

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