Battle of the Somme


Near a river called the Somme

A battle was fought where noone won

A million dead all scattered around

The fought and died for a mile of ground

Bless those souls that fought and died

Forgive them that do talk in pride.

It's not a joke when men run to their deaths

For their land and give their last breaths.

I will not forget those

For all their hearts froze

Men living in fear 

Brings me to tears

Live for their honour

Live in liberty

They gave all 

So we can sleep peacefully

In all of the bravery 

Faced with adversary

Sound of a mortar 

Tremble a mortal!

Pray that we never 

Suffer this blow

Unite all nations 

Never a foe.



  • L. B. Mek

    Brilliantly worded,
    I shall never tire of works penned in honour of those who sacrifice(d) their lives in the name of duty or loyalty, long may we remember them and cherish the sanctity of their bravery

    • Gavin

      We will remember them

      God bless

    • Audax

      We salute those who lay their life on the battlefield and fight for honor. A nicely penned tribute with perfectly laid out words. Be proud of the work you presented!

      • Gavin

        Thank you I am proud of this poem I wrote.

        I love the tune it was written too. I was made in the trenches and the man survived and the tune lives on

      • dusk arising

        Lest we forget those who will not age.

        We all should be reminded of the hideous thing war is. How war mongers are not those whose blood and bones splatter the soil. How words need to be sought to ease troubles.

        Fine words from you in a noble cause. I know how disturbing it is to write such pieces from the heart.

        • Gavin

          Some of my family were at the Somme with the 36th Ulster so im interested in that battle. It can be a source of pride men died gallantly but there's a line where we should stop celebrating the slaughter.

          I made a quote which I'll transcribe into a poem soon

          Those who profit from the continual wars will not profit from an eternal Kingdom of peace.

        • jarcher54

          Yes, whenever we turn our back on war, we must not turn our back on the warriors. Volunteer or draftee, general or private, brave or cowering, Dusk is right, those in the field are seldom the war mongers themselves. I will take to heart your beautifully expressed entreaty: Forgive them that talk in pride...

          • Gavin

            Well said Dusk and jarcher.

            Lest we forget

          • Goldfinch60

            Good words and tribute to a time that we hope will never arise again.


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