Love yourself first because you are unique
To the world there never before was anyone
Exactly like you, don't down yourself because of those things you call faults that
Is what makes you exactly different from every one else relish your perfect imperfections look up not down a smile is an upside down frown, don't let others decide if your right or wrong live life by your
Own song, steer away from negative vibes
Who needs those vibrations better off alone until you interact with someone else you can call your own, your time is your life spent, choose it wisely some say life is to short but in the wrong company it seems far to long we search for perfect moments
And loose time that we can never get back
In our moral lifetime so make today count
Rejoice in the now its never going to happen ever again so be your own star and
Shine brightly so all humanity can see.



  • Laura


    Wow 🤩...this is a powerful write!
    The message you convey with your carefully chosen words is beyond inspirational. This poem is most deserving of special praise and attention.

    “Rejoice in the now it’s never going to happen ever again so be your own star and Shine brightly so all humanity can see.”

    This outstanding finish to your poem can be everyone’s personal mantra to live by.

    Thank you for sharing this awesome poem.

    All the best


    • ZIGGY

      Hi o wow that must be the best reaction to a post I have ever seen, thanks so much I am so grateful that it resonated so well with you, bless you x

    • Goldfinch60

      Totally agree with your words ZIGGY.

      I have philosophy in my life "This is me if you do not like what you see that is not my problem - it is yours".


      • ZIGGY

        Hi there, yup that sounds exactly like me
        Thanks so much for the comment much appreciated 😁

      • Unsub


        a message for the world perfectly formulated & delivered.

        there doesn't seem to be a theme you can't excel in.



        • ZIGGY

          Hi, many thanks for the comment much appreciated bud, the way I sm writing of late I don't pick a theme I just see what happens after the first line comes out, I am really happy with the next one wrote it at the weekend 😃👍👏

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