is where all wishes wait


In vaults too deep to contemplate

while time


Although preoccupied

declines to pause or hesitate


Yet seals

for eternity


Both the rich man

and the paupers fate …






    Angela here - Good Evening Neville - I live on HOPE - what else is there to live for other than to hope that *Tomorrow will be a Better Day - AMEN !* Faith - Hope - Love - Now abides these three things to keep one OPTIMISTIC about the (post COVID 19) FUTURE! In my brief experience (32 Years) they are all EQUAL!

    FAITH - That there will be a Future
    HOPE - That the Future will be Brighter
    LOVE - To keep you going if it isnt!

    Please check our site THANKS A & B
    Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
    Love ANGELA - BRIAN - SMOKEY CAT ! ! !

    • Neville

      ... thank you kindly for considering my words .. another most welcome and much appreciated visit

    • Fay Slimm.

      Wise words and penned with inventive rhyming your Endsong is a reminder dear Nev. that any time left must be used to dream, wish and to hope................ x

      • Neville

        ... Thank you... you got it Fay..... precisely x

      • orchidee

        Good write Neville.
        'Tomorrow will be a better day - if I don't sing!' lol.

        • Neville

          ... I want you to write out one hundred times .. I must not be so hard on myself, in future I'm just gonna let others do that ...

          • orchidee

            '.....let others do that' You mean - let others sing?! lol.
            People are gonna believe I can't sing, if I keep saying I can't. Oops!

          • dusk arising

            It's all there Neville. Superb! I aspire to write such apposite truths.

            Into my fav's

            • Neville

              .... You just made my day DA .. Many thanks my fine literary friend ..
              .... Neville

            • MendedFences27

              Time just keeps on rolling. Fate, if one chooses to believe in predestination. is a product of time. Your poem is a product of your skills as a writer. And writing is never a result of destiny, only of hard work and skill. I guess I'm stuck with the "pauper's fate." - Phil A.

              • Neville

                ... There are so many things that I find fascinating Phil .. and time is just one of em .. I often wonder if I will think differently when I eventually grow up .... and you just reminded me of one of my most favouritest parts of a poem ..

                There are some men who should have mountains to bear their names through time. Grave markers are not high enough or green and sons go fa ...

              • Goldfinch60

                So true, hope is there for us all and when our hopes are granted we all end up into a better place.


                • Neville

                  ... thanking you is just so bloomin easy GF60 sir .

                  ... Neville

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