Peaceful tranquility

Silent moments give peace to a quiet
Mind drifting inwards without disturbance
No thoughts just the breath we inhale and
Exhale, these moments drift to pleasant
Memories recalled in vivid detail

Shapes a smile across a content face at
One with self with no need for help or others condolence, happy within the moment that defines it's self without need

And without heed of distraction focused on the now, fractions that heap themselves upon passing minutes that seem to expand
These moments to drift to hours and days

Without heed of a clock that slowly tick tock
Passes without notice, lost within one's own majestic self such bliss to exist in
Such peaceful tranquility one calls self.




  • Laura


    Wow 🤩

    My first read of the day.
    With this exceptional piece, you’ve drawn me into what I’m feeling at this moment. All by myself on the terrazza enjoying this beautiful sunny day. All is quiet with the exception of a few soothing bird sounds. It’s simply divine.

    The last four lines are have beautifully wrapped up all the feelings I’m feeling today in a neat little package with a giant bow.

    You are truly a gifted phenomenal poet. It gives me much pleasure reading your poetry.

    All the best to you my friend.


  • Unsub


    perefct oneness & uniqueness delivered in ziggish style.



    • Unsub

      oh Hell! As your editor I am embarrassed to say I mis-spelt 'perfect' in my comment! LOL!

      Guess I'm sacked or fuloughed!


    • blue orchid

      my own peaceful tranquility is when im with the person i love talking about god.nice thoughtful piece ziggy

    • Goldfinch60

      Being at one with your self is such a wonderful way to be Ziggy, may that contentment be forever with you and with each of us.


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