Creator Consciousness

Tune: Darwalls 148th

('Ye holy angles bright')

Psalm 33 v.1-8


Rejoice in the LORD, you

Righteous, and praise Him true

For praise is beautiful

For the upright, here call

Upon His name, praises now sound

With voices and instruments found


Sing to Him a new song

Play skilfully along

With a loud noise, and shout

Of joy, let it ring out

For word of LORD is right and sure

All His works done in truth e'ermore


He too loves righteousness

And judgement, we onfess

The earth here it be full

Of the LORD's goodness all

By the LORD's word heavens were made

And all their host by Him arrayed


The waters He gathers

Seas, and on them confers

Boundaries, they pass not

Limits He does allot

Store-houses there be of the deeps

High and low He creation keeps


Let all the earth now fear

The LORD, for He is near

Let all inhabitants

Of the world Him now sense

And stand in awe, for He e'er great

Rules over all, and not mere fate



  • Goldfinch60

    Good one Orchi but I hope it is not you singing him a new song, you haven't learned tho old one yet.


    • orchidee

      Thanks Gold. Yes, my singing tutor is making thousands - of pounds!


      GOOD FRIDAY ~ UNCLE STEVE ~ Nice bit o* BRASS at beginning ! Love the hymn [erfect resonnce between Meaning & Music ~ AMEN. Love PSALM 33 !

      Let the Righteous & Redeemed
      Rejoice in the Lord ! Praise HIM
      With the GUITAR & BANJO ~ SING
      a new SONG - Fill the TOWN with Singing !
      Let the Whole Earth ~ Stand in AWE
      Of OUR GOD Jehovah - THE ONLY GOD !

      Blessings to You & Your Singing Spaniel
      Fido always *Howls in Harmony* unlike His Master !
      Spiritual Love Angela & Brian & El Gato Ahumido !!!

      • orchidee

        Thanks B&A. Well, yes, nto so many harps or lutes (whatever they are!) about today, so whip out the guitars and banjos!
        A church I know is never gonna change - they don't want to. Just happens to be an 'oldies' church. It's only ever the organ or piano. Well, they can't doze off if they have things like guitars. lol. Not to dislike 'oldies' but are they - 'a church that will not die', as they say, or 'a church that is dying off'?

      • AwHec8

        Very Well Written there orchidee. Don
        Love the Horns in the beginning.
        Like I ran outside to see if Jesus had come in the clouds, Yet! Just Waiting. LOL

        • orchidee

          Thanks Don.

        • Fay Slimm.

          Praise is indeed beautiful and worthy of our daily attention. A needed read Orchi and thank you.

          • orchidee

            Thanks Fay.

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