Notice of absence from Laura
I’ll be absent for a while due to some health issues. Thank you.

Another year

Another special visit

To  honor and remember 

All who lost their lives...

Including my dearest friend


I remember that day

All too well


As Barbara and I headed to our destination 

We wished each other 

To have a great day

Her stop was downtown 

Mine was uptown 


I called her the Downtown girl

She called me the Uptown girl


This Uptown Girl was the lucky one

Oh how I miss my Downtown girl 

I think of her every single day

And wonder why Barbara and not me...

I suppose it was destiny!




  • Unsub


    little needs be said other than lovely tribute to Barbara.


  • orchidee

    A poignant remembrance Laura.
    It was a terrible day. We had something in UK in July 2005. A lesser scale, and thankfully no-one I knew, but a friend lived nearby.

  • dusk arising

    Moving words for the memory of your lost friend and all the other innocents callously murdered on that day,

  • Trenz Pruca

    Sad but lovely remembrance.

  • Fay Slimm.

    A tribute to two lovely friends one of whom met her untimely end it seems - a most poignant read Laura......... hugs and more xxxxxxx


    BRIAN HERE ~ CIAO LAURA ~ Thanks for sharing a very poignant but very sad Memory of 9/11and the destruction of the Iconic Twin Towers in New York ! I remember it well !
    Where was I ? In Independence IOWA with my Parents & American Friends for my 18th Birthday (8th September 2001) We were watching morning TV and when the second Plane crashed in to the South Tower we knew that is was DELIBERATE & not an ACCIDENT ! Our American Friends wept openly @ such a violation of Gods Own Country and the Iconic Twin Towers a tangible tribute to the Global Economic Supremacy of the USA. The 3000 people who died was the biggest tragedy on the US Mainland. I visited Ground Zero in 2002 and the Memorial. I lked the Memorial. We had ariel pictures of it on UK TV tonight and the Replacement Single Tower Trade Center.

    Praying for You & Your sad memory of Your Friend Barbara
    Blessings & Peace ~ Abbracci e Baci ~ Con Amore
    Angela e Brian e Il Gatto Fumoso ! ! !

  • ron parrish aka wordman

    sad,sorry for your loss,we all lost that day

  • Goldfinch60

    Wonderful words Laura, such a sad day.
    Apart from the tragedy/horror the thing that I remember was I was at work, in an open plan office where the 'phones did not stop ringing,that afternoon when it happened we had no 'phone calls.


  • L. B. Mek

    wonderful tribute! If you are thinking of her: then consider the possibility that wherever 'she' may be, I'm sure she's thinking of you too and let that smooth away the sharp edges of the ache you bare,
    stay strong and thank you for sharing

  • Romantic Bloom

    Heartfelt and sad! Nice tribute to a beloved friend!

    Best to you and sorry for your loss

  • Neville

    ... a timely, most fitting and fine tribute if ever there was ..

    ... bless you and Barbara's memory and all those who perished with her on that most fateful of days ...

  • Maxine Smith

    A beautifully written tribute Laura.

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