Countenancing The Cross

Tune: Rockingham

('When I survey the wondrous cross')

Mark 10 v.32-34


Gathers dark cloud of destiny

Yet for world's salvation it be

Jesus and His disciples they

To Jerusalem made their way


They were amazed, followed afraid

Yet God's will, plan, was not mislaid

For He did tell disciples there

Of things that He would then in share


Saying, Behold, we now travel

To Jerusalem to fulfil

Plan and will of my Father sure

Will bring salvation evermore


For I, the Son of man shall be

Delivered to sufferings, see

From the chief priests and scribes, and they

Shall condemn Him and have their day


Shall sentence Him to death though He

Pure, spotless, and innocent be

Shall deliver Him to Gentiles

He be in their power awhiles


And they shall mock and scourge Him sore

Shall spit upon Him, hatred for

Him they shall have, shall Him e'en kill

He faces humanity's ill


But not the end, for on third day

He shall rise again, He the Way

And the Truth, and the Life of all

Who in faith believe, on Him call






    Good Morning Uncle Steve - Angela here (First Clinic @ 11am) Great Hymn & Bible Passage to start a busy DAY. The Hymn was one of the eight the Blessed Theresa May chose for Desert Island Discs ! Methinks we have replaced a Saint with a Charletan ! Love the passage you experience all the *TENSION of the CROSS* when you visit Jerusalem !

    CHIRST has once sufered for our SINS
    The Just for the Unjust
    That HE might bring us back again to GOD ~ AMEN

    Blessings to You & Saint Fido ~ Love
    In the Spirit A & B & El Gato Ahumido ! ! !

    • orchidee

      Thanks B & A & Gato.

    • Romantic Bloom

      Doth thy count the metre upon thine fingers? Always a pleasure reading ,

      • orchidee

        Thanks R. I counted the electric or gas meter by mistake. lol.
        But yes, if longer lines of say, 10 syllables or more, I may count on fingers - and toes if over 10. lol.
        This event comes up more than once with Jesus and His disciples. It is sort of 'passed over' or a blur to them, and they are afraid to ask further. Some things we may not want to know? One time they squabble immediately after the sayings, as to who is the greatest disciple. Doh!

      • Gary Edward Geraci

        I love the countenances of the lovely choral assembly as they sing here to give glory to the Immutable Glory - the characteristics (of course which we always fall short in listing - we’re finite while He’s Infinite) flowing eloquently from your verse and stanzas.

        • orchidee

          Thanks Gary. I should not be cynical - but how many of them turned up just because it was 'Songs of Praise' - a programme shown on television in the UK?! lol.

          • Gary Edward Geraci

            Yes, the purity of their intentions might be in question O but I like to give all people the benefit of the doubt (as I hope He does when I approach St. Peter’s gate)!

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          • Goldfinch60

            Good one Orchi.

            • orchidee

              Thanks Gold.

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