Pyotr Ilyich.

How could that happen?

Not quite a disaster

But certainly a blow to me.

I heard the music on the radio,

A piece I had heard before

And thought I will play it all today.

I have got it somewhere,

But no!

I did not have any of them,

Did not have any recordings of them.

How in the world did that happen?

I had to get them.

So now I am happy,

I have them now,

I have those String Quartets,

Those Tchaikovsky String Quartets.

All is well now.

So much music,

So little time.


  • dusk arising

    How can one live without the string quartets of 'Chikers?' LOL

    Ok so i'm all ears... listening as i write... (pause)

    So i closed my eyes and relaxed into this, and i mean really relaxed. I am quite amazed at the beauty of this piece and the finesse of the players. I felt various scenes of a life story were being related to me. Surprised by the gentle pizzicato and the creative use of tone and harmony.... as if an orchestra had begun to accompany them at times.

    Truly amazing music. Something i had not experienced before and i must find time to enjoy.

    • Goldfinch60

      It certainly is a captivating piece of music d a. As we both know only too well there is music out there that will captivate us that we have never heard before. We are so blessed in the love we have of so many types of music, it can always amaze us.


    • orchidee

      A fine write Gold. Any words to it? Maybe not. I would only sing them and ruin everything. lol.

      • Goldfinch60

        No, no words, just two violins, one viola and one cello.


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