Michael Edwards








 In the tradition of  John Hegley (A Three Legged Friend) and Ian McMillan

(My Dog – April is the Cruellest Month) but a tad more dark!





Preparing another luncheon

my eyes are misted in fog

I’m crying chopping up onion

‘tis a silly name for a dog.




  • orchidee

    Oops! Good write and pic M.

  • dusk arising

    Can you imagine how my friend felt, he married a russian doll?

    I'm a fan of naming dogs with everyday human names like Mary and Steve. The only one I have come across was a rottweiler called Dave - true.

    • Michael Edwards

      We have friends with a dachsund called Sidney and my eldest son who also has a dachsund has called his Mabel.

      • dusk arising

        Should a cat ever allow me to think its mine, i have often imagined i would name him/her 'Brundle' which happens to be the name of the lead role in the remade film 'the fly'.
        A pal had a young alsation which he refused to train. He called the dog 'Elgar' after the famous local musician. I so recall the dog ran off one night only to find my pal (who had a very pronounced limp and was slightly intoxicated at the time) hurridly roaming the streets calling out 'ELGAR.... Elgar' in a raised voice. .... How to curry favour with one's neighbors..... i suspect they thought him deranged.

      • Fay Slimm.

        Just been doing that same thing Michael - chopping up onions and crying a string of sob at their sting -- like the pic. of Glenit boiling his kettle - ha ha .

      • blue orchid

        good one michael,my mom used to have a dog named cat and acat named dog,i wonder if they had an identity crisis,and i had a pet rooster named blue,he loved drinking my coffee

      • L. B. Mek

        hella dark: leave poor onion alone, cos Dog's rule and that's a bark! lol
        Glenit's facial expression is brilliant (me thinks I recognise it too well..)

      • Dove

        Well Glenit’s shall never hear the kettle

        Ouch on the dog! Unless his name is Oscar Meyer! LOL

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