Old Town Walk

Old town is full of them

memories here

hang around

like elderly folks

aged, but breathing

feeding on past gossips

and expired jokes.


I step out

and anxiously look around.

I see memories

sneaking in shadows

moving in haste,

hiding but longing to be found

to be touched

and to be recalled.

it’s one hide-and-seek

better not to be

played and won around.

like a recursive loop

it's hard to escape it

once you are confound.


I take steps carefully.

head, under the hood

sight, straight on the road,

escaping traps,

trying to hold presence

in my cold hands.

I cut the corners fast

turn blind to many of the old spots,

all most successful

in my play,

I take a lousy turn around

and lose my way,

there! when I least thought of it

I see her, right there.

young like a spring,

smiling and giving a deliberate miss

to my presence around.


It’s now or then,

in my mind

the timeline trembles and falls,

I see her, and I am lost,

like a fool that I was

in all those young years of the past.

touched with a reverie

moments go standstill,

until I snap out

as my mobile loudly barks,  

I try to hold to past

I try to catch the presence 

as I give myself a desperate wakeup shout.


In here, it’s hard not to get caught

it’s infectious

it’s craving

but that’s what this place

is all about,

to be lost and found

many times over and over

in this magical dust of a memory cloud.


Old town is just full of them.



    BRIAN HERE (I share this site with my Wife ANGELA) ~ Good afternoon FRIEND welcome to MPS ~ it is a proactive site and operates by reading & commenting on each others poems. Please visit our site ~ Thanks'
    Thanks for your First Poem ~ it is an Epic. It describes an experience ~ most of us cn empathise with ! We all have OLD TOWNS ~ Where we were Born - Educated in - Worked in - Fell in Love in - Married in etc etc. Your Poem highlights MEMORIES which are etched into our subconsciences Analysis In a word ~ V 1. Memories V 2. Hide & Seek V 3. Close Encounter ? V 4. Or is it ? V 5. Magical dust of a Memory Cloud ! Loved the Poem ~ more PLEASE !

    Love # Joy & Peace
    Angela & Brian ! !

    • mydesirelines

      Thanks Brian! I am loving this space.

    • Goldfinch60

      Those memories can always be awoken when you return to places of one's passed, some best forgotten but many bringing joy.

      Welcome to MPS.

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