Wheat And Weeds

Tune: Wir Pflugen

('We plough the fields and scatter')

Matthew 13 v.24-30


The kingdom of heaven be

Like to a man who, see

Sowed good seed in his field, then

While men did sleep, was when

Enemy came and sowed weeds

Among the wheat, the deeds

He did, then went on his way

Undiscovered that day



Wheat, weeds, together grown

'Til harvest, this be known

Then weeds burnt up, wheat gathered in

All free from sin


But when the wheat's blade did spring

Was revealed everything

Wheat brought forth its fruit, each ear

In fullness did appear

Then did appear weeds also

They with the wheat did grow

Servant said to the sower

How these grow? Do you know? - Chorus


Sower said, An enemy

Has done this, so it be

Servants said, Shall we gather weeds?

They of no useful needs

Sower said, No, not yet, lest

While you gather, the best

The wheat you may uproot too

And damage to crops do - Chorus


Let both grow to the harvest

And then view good, the best

The reapers shall gather first

The weeds, the bad, the worst

Shall bind them in bundles to

Burn, this be their end true

But wheat gathered in barn, for

It safe for evermore - Chorus



  • Goldfinch60

    Harvest Hymn by John Betjeman.

    We spray the fields and scatter
    The poison on the ground
    So that no wicked wild flowers
    Upon our farm be found.
    We like whatever helps us
    To line our purse with pence;
    The twenty-four-hour broiler-house
    And neat electric fence.

    All concrete sheds around us
    And Jaguars in the yard,
    The telly lounge and deep-freeze
    Are ours from working hard.

    We fire the fields for harvest,
    The hedges swell the flame,
    The oak trees and the cottages
    From which our fathers came.
    We give no compensation,
    The earth is ours today,
    And if we lose on arable,
    The bungalows will pay.

    All concrete sheds around us
    And Jaguars in the yard
    The telly lounge and deep freeze
    Are ours from working hard.

  • Neville

    I lost all track of time ... is it that time of year already.. nice :)

    • orchidee

      Thanks Neville. Yes, it seems to range from early September to mid-October in different churches! You harvesting there?!

      • Neville

        everyone is harvesting here Steven ... if they aint pickling or smoking, then they are drying and salting and fermenting ... whole villages are at it as I type ... the winters can be very harsh indeed and nowt is ever wasted ...

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      • Romantic Bloom

        I'll have my daily bread , with a little weed on the side! Oh you weren't talking that kinda weed ! Lol just being silly!

        • orchidee

          Thanks R. lol.

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