A Letter of Lies

A Letter of Lies 


On this battlefield for life

where Death is the only truth

I wrote a letter of lies. 

Said how much I loved you 

and that you would always be mine

but, that was the day before your letter arrived.


In it you said that you had found someone new

and our romance was over and ended.

I knew then, that I had lost you 

because, in the black night, as bombs descended

my world met its demise

as the raindrops tore me apart 

like fingers of ice.  


As my eyes cried an ocean of love

your sharply written voice 

“I don’t love you anymore”

stabbed like a bayonet

and thus, forever and endless

our time together became meaningless.


Finally, I’m free to soar away

and find a paradise

above this field of constant torment

and there, I will realise 

I was a fool for loving you.



Remember Fool - 

The words you write today in truth

tomorrow can become a letter of lies.



  • Neville

    it happens ...

    best to write it before the event and then you can make any necessary amendments or alterations as ya go along....

    more than just special.. if ya ask me ...... :)

  • Goldfinch60

    Super emotive write Phil, sometimes it does happen but love is out there for all of us and it will be found and last forever.


  • Romantic Bloom

    I'm sure this poem is fiction, but alas a warning to us poetic writers of love letters !
    Take care

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