Michael Edwards




President Donald Trump

he really is a chump

ineloquent with low IQ

yet still in power,   boo hoo, boo hoo!



Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson PM

a man to praise or a man to condemn?

A bumbling buffoon in every sense of the word

I sure couldn’t praise him – the idea’s absurd.



Angela Dorothea Merkel’s

stomping around in furious circles

rueing the severance of the UK’s hook up

with the Autocratic  States of Germany’s Europe.




  • orchidee

    Seems so at times anyway.
    I thought you meant the Eiffel Tower - de Pfeffel.
    Can we trust Trump? Can we trust someone with such a dodgy barnet?!

    • Michael Edwards

      Can't trust the Trump clump or the Boris barnet.

    • L. B. Mek

      sadly, I doubt we can expect to see an egg of any worth from your three 'Geese' by the time our farcical democracy will have weathered their stormy tenures,
      brilliantly acute commentary as always

    • The Uneducated O.A.P

      Just about sums it up
      Trump, for a second term? No chance, but that's what they said for the first one.

      • Michael Edwards

        Trump is even saying he'll ignore the rules and look for a third tenure - heaven forebid.

      • Dove

        Awesome those are delightful keepsakes, on life's annoying politicians! You've mastered the clerihews for sure! Bravo

        • Michael Edwards

          All thanks to you - keep well Dove.

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