All the Ends of Me

All the Ends of Me


Each of the ends of me

are bruised

All those you fell upon

and used …

Even those

I once did thrust

And wield like some

demented lover must ..

Though sad

it now seems fair to say

No single end of me

is presently contusion free

So pray why

savour such an ache

on bended knee and yield

Oh’ so very swollen …

No less than naked

behind your flimsy shield

A tissue of lies to be spat

upon and yes, despised …

By ladies no less

and sailors and serfs n by lords

But not a single one of them

a poet though, thank gawd …


  • MendedFences27

    "Bruised" it seems by a shameless lady of "sailors and serfs n by lords" and other indiscretions. Don't we all encounter such as her in life and end up a sea of "contusions" or worse yet "a poet."
    At least the "poet" spoke in artistic terms and never mentioned names. A "poet" speaks truth and uses words like brush strokes. I will be hanging this one in my gallery. - Phil A.

    • Neville

      As is oft the case my dear friend MF27 .. I am truly grateful to you for taking the time to consider my words and for the kind and encouraging comment you leave behind ....


    • Goldfinch60

      Your words have so much depth in them Neville, only a poet can write with such emotion.


      • Neville

        ... I am seriously more than just grateful to you Andy .. your support and encouragement are truly appreciated and always welcome ...


      • Fay Slimm.

        Powerful imagery makes this write outstanding with its poetic appeal that bruises from dying relationships can be more than painful and those who "savour" such aches need plain reminders of who holds most blame. A read to view over again in my faves ........x

        • Neville

          ..You are yet again, far too kind to me dear Fay .... but do ya hear me moaning ... nah never .. but like I say.. you really are .. x

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